Weekly Inspiration - Clashing Fonts, SBC, Cultural Placemaking,

Hello there!

Here is this week's list of cool things that I've come across and that have helped fuel some new ideas.

An article on how to use clashing fonts from Fonts by Hoefler & Co. 

This is a thing... I admit I'm not sure how I feel about how they promote this, BUT I like how they use videos on virtually every page of their site. It gives it a very dynamic and real feel. I want more pages just to see what the videos would be. 

There is some pretty awesome research happening that explores how we read at a glance - very interesting, and has a direct effect on the design industry. 

I found this backpack a while back. It's going on my Christmas list this year for sure. 

I stumbled on the LeBasse Projects and fell in love. These guys are working on some pretty amazing things. 

Great article and insights on a positive remote work culture at Mailerlite. Also, I might just switch from MailChimp!

And lastly Blender. A FREE open source 3D software. It looks pretty awesome and is something I am for sure going to try out. 

Stay inspired be awesome!

- Brandon